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Avaneer Dental Studio specializes in designing advanced all-ceramic restorations, while offering greater aesthetics and lower remake rates. We believe in creating strong professional relationships with our clients by communicating directly and by offering flexibiltiy in communication. In addition, our highly experienced team of Dental Engineers and attention to detail strengthens our prefessional relationships as we ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products. Reliability, consistency, and passion are what Avaneer Dental Studio stands behind for each and every case that leaves our laboratory. Each technician is hand-selected, having to meet the Avaneer standard of craftsmanship and pride.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, dependable products which are tailored especially for every patient. We aim to consistently reduce remake rates and deliver natural-looking, non-allergenic products by using metal-free restorations and by establishing close working relationships with our clients. Because our company believes that “a quality team produces quality products,” we have hand-picked a team of highly experienced Dental Engineers to ensure efficient processing times, frequently faster than industry standard.Here we add more options.

Our Dental Engineers are experienced and welcoming to any concerns our clients may have. For our clients’ convenience, our team can be reached by phone, internet, or in person. Special cases that require Dental Engineers to be on site can be arranged by appointment. Our extensive background knowledge and problem-solving experience allows us to expediently find a solution to any problems brought forth.

Avaneer is a part of a community, and we’re committed to helping neighborhoods thrive wherever we do business. It’s a commitment rooted deep in our company culture and the belief that we can use our scale to be a catalyst for positive change. We will employ locally, we will not outsource internationally, and we will offer our time in community-centered events in order to give back to those who support us. In addition, we try to minimize waste by using shipping and storage boxes which contain recycled materials.

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Phone: 586-737-7922

Email: info@avaneerdental.com

30301 Schoenherr Suite A
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